The Number of Legal Prostitutes in Tijuana has Doubled in Just 4 Years

Bordelello said the number of sex workers officially registered in the city’s database has nearly doubled in the past four years. Given that Tijuana’s legal prostitutes from sites like are a tourist highlight of the city that draws tourists to local resorts, the increase in the number of legal prostitutes has led to an increased inflow of financial resources to the city budget.

Quick Statistics on Sex Services in Tijuana

At the beginning of 2020, the city’s Sex Worker Registration Office issued just over 4,400 official permits to women who wanted to work as escort prostitutes in Tijuana. It is estimated that more than 10,000 permits have been issued to local call girls and men so far. Despite tourist demand, this is quite impressive growth for a Mexican city.

However, the city’s health director says these numbers do not reflect the real situation as there are still many people who prefer to work in secret. Some prostitutes are still embarrassed to talk openly about their sex work and prefer not to document their intention to provide sex services. Therefore, the actual number of escorts in Tijuana may be many times higher than that, reaching an already staggering number of 30,000. And since the city is known even abroad for its intimate profession, public figures, including representatives of the city’s tourism board, are calling for the development of prostitution and the active registration of moths.

Tijuana Health Department Activities and Sexual Services

Although the City Health Department does not deal directly with prostitutes or brothels, it does check the status of sex licenses and ensure that prostitutes’ workplaces comply with applicable health regulations. It is your responsibility to check whether the In fact, representatives of this department ensure that all working Tijuana escorts are registered and comply with protocols and guidelines.

Legalization of prostitutes in Tijuana is the perfect solution to regulating an opaque industry and reducing incidents of exploitation and human trafficking. That’s why the government is trying to encourage all adults to follow the rules. For example, a recent operation to screen and identify illegal prostitutes resulted in the arrest of 27 women who were working without a license outside Tijuana, and who were able to work with their partners on the street or through special websites without being seen by law enforcement. I was looking for.

According to the city administrator, all sexual services in Tijuana were previously concentrated in parts of the city, the so-called tolerance zones, but now prostitutes are not available anywhere, including in the historic center. can be found.

The reason was the emigration of young girls from neighboring countries. Prostitutes from Colombia and Venezuela regularly come to Mexico to earn money. After working for several years, some foreign prostitutes prefer to stay in the city, but as other immigrants continue to come, the number of escorts in Tijuana and other major cities is on a regular basis. is increasing.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health encourages all individuals to formally register their status in order to access legal and labor rights and freedoms. Legal putas also have access to Social Security and retirement benefits, so many call girls want to register as soon as possible. Officials say Tijuana’s prostitutes are citizens like us and should