What Is Nicole Doshi Good At?

Nicole Doshi has such an interesting success story. Many of porn models and especially the upcoming ones look up to her as a role model and a mentor as well. It might be strange to name Nicole as a good mentor but it all depends on the career one is operating at. Although there are people who are still very negative about working in the adult industry, others have no problem at all. To them, this is part of their job just like any other career they could have had outside what they are currently operating in. It is all about love and commitment for their job.

If you thought you would learn a few success tips from Nicole’s life, here are a few things she is good at:

1. Making crazy sexual videos

There is something known as Nicole’s Funclub. If you want to see how crazy Nicole can go, getting a touch on this fun club would go a long way. She has done videos with many girls serving and enjoying their good times with the same man. This means, she takes up a friend, they decide to go and work on the same man and see how things come out. Although this is absurd to think about, but those are some of the most trending videos Nicole Doshi has done and she loves it.

2. Adventures

Nicole Doshi is an adventurous woman. In fact, some of the videos she does are based on her adventurous nature. She decides to have an adventure on how it would feel if she got involved in a certain erotic situation. Funny thing, all these adventurous situations seems to be very interesting for her. Every experience pushes her to trying out something new and this becomes a lifestyle. It is all about adventure after adventure to remain unique and entertaining at all times.


Nicole Doshi is a natural girl who loves everything to do with nature. Therefore, even in most of her videos and photos, there will be a lot of natural beauty and lifestyle exhibited.